Apache Spark with Scala / Python and Apache Storm Certification Training

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With businesses generating big data at a very high pace, leveraging meaningful business insights by analysing the data is very crucial. There are wide varieties of big data processing alternatives like Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Scala, Python and so on. This technology is, “lightning fast cluster computing solution” for big data processing as it brings the evolutionary change in big data processing by providing streaming capabilities by fast data analysis. Training offers the required expertise to carry out large-scale data processing using resilient distributed dataset or APIs. Also, trainees will gain experience in stream processing big data technology of Apache Storm and master the essential skills on different APIs such as Spark Streaming, GraphX Programming, Spark SQL, Machine Learning Programming, and Shell Scripting.


Apache Spark, a data processing engine is a well-known open-source cluster computing framework for fast and flexible large-scale data analysis. Scala, a scalable and multi-paradigm programming language which supports functional object-oriented programming and a very strong static type system implemented for developing applications like web services. Apache Storm is a well-developed, powerful, distributed, real-time computation system for enterprise-grade big data analysis. Python, a flexible and powerful language with simple syntax, readability and has powerful libraries for data analysis and manipulation.

Did you know?

1. IBM announced its grand plans to dedicate and invest a large amount of research, education and development resources to Apache Spark projects which made its client companies to promote Spark.
2. Scala, the next wave of computation engines has taken over the world of fast data which rely on speed data processing and process event streams in real-time and used by companies like Apple, Twitter, and Coursera.
3. Python is implemented for rapid prototyping of complex applications and also used as a glue language for connecting up the pieces of complex solutions such as web pages, databases, and Internet sockets.
4. Apache Storm, a fault-tolerant framework has a benchmark, which clocked it at over a million tuples processed per second per node that guarantees a well-processed data.

Why learn and get Certified?

Apache Spark with Scala/Python and Apache Storm training would equip with skill sets to become specialist in Spark and Scala along Storm with python since it will impact with the below-mentioned features:
1. Apache Spark is not restricted to the two-stage MapReduce paradigm and enhances the performance up to 100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce.
2. In the last twelve months, demand for python programming expertise has increased by 96.9% in Big-Data realm.
3. Apache Storm forms the backbone of the company’s real-time processing architecture by deploying in hundreds of organizations including Twitter, Yahoo!, Spotify, Cisco, Xerox PARC and WebMD.
4. Apache Scala has matured and spawned solid support ecosystem that is successfully implemented critical business applications in most of the leading companies like LinkedIn, Foursquare, the Guardian, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, and Trafigura.

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
1. Understand the need for Spark in the modern Data Analytical Architecture
2. Improve knowledge on RDD features, transformations in Spark, Actions in Spark, Spark QL, Spark Streaming and its difference with Apache Storm
3. Understand the need for Hadoop 2 and its installation application of Storm for real-time analytics
4. Work with Jupiter and Zeppelin Notebooks
5. Master the concepts of Traits and OOPS in Scala
6. Learn on Storm Technology Stack and Groupings and implementing Spouts and Bolts
7. Explain and master the process of installing Spark as a standalone cluster
8. Demonstrate the use of the major Python libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, and Matplotlib to carry out different aspects of the Data Analytics process


1. Basic knowledge of any programming language and Working knowledge of Java
2. Fundamental know-how of any database, SQL, and query language for databases
3. Basic Knowledge of Data Processing
4. Working knowledge of Linux- or Unix-based system which is desirable

Who should attend this Training?

This training is a foundation for aspiring professionals to embark in the field of Big Data by enhancing their skills with the latest developments around fast and efficient ever-growing data processing and ideal for:
1. IT Developers and Testers
2. Data Scientists
3. Analytics Professionals
4. Research Professionals
5. BI and Reporting Professionals
6. Students who wish to gain a thorough understanding of Apache Spark
7. Professionals aspiring for a career in field of real-time Big Data Analytics

Prepare for Certification

It is the first to offer a combination of Apache Spark with Scala / Python and Apache Storm to prepare Professionals for the Cloudera CCA175 certification and who want to stay on top of the market demand for Data Processing and Computation. Pennonsoft`s best in-class blended learning approach of online training combined with instructor-led training will lead to higher retention and better results from the certification.