Our Recruiting Partners

At PENNONSOFT, cooperating with recruitment agencies for sourcing right talent is just one of our channels, amongst many others. These agencies are an extended arm of PENNONSOFT. Hence, we gladly call them our partners. Partner engagement is one of Pennonsofts priorities, and partners empanelled with us have an access to our recruitment system. They help us in end to end recruitment of hiring the future Ideapreneurs at PENNONSOFT. It is important to note that PENNONSOFT does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process. Neither does PENNONSOFT authorize any partner to collect fee for requirement. We do not support or encourage any kind of fraudulent offers, and for further information on such offers, please follow This Link. We have a large number of recruitment partners, but only a few amongst them are our top partners, or as we like to call them, Preferred Partners. And this preference is based solely on performance. You are welcome to apply through any of the Preferred Partners mentioned below. This page is dedicated to all of our Preferred Recruitment Partners. We are glad to have them on board with PENNONSOFT!.