SAP S4HANA Simple Logistics Certification Training

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Simple logistics on HANA is the latest iteration of the HANA in-memory technology. A technology that has already improved analytics and reporting significantly. Until now, HANA has only been available as an “add-on” to existing business suites. SAP Simple Logistics uses the data processing ability of S/4HANA to provide simpler, faster and more efficient approaches to logistics and supply chain problems. The trainees will gain knowledge and hands-on experience in one of the most sought-after exceptional features of SAP S4HANA Simple Logistics.


SAP Simple Logistics is a one stop solution for new-age Material Management, Production Planning, Supply Chain Management, as well as sales and distribution of organizations with medium to large infrastructure. SAP Simple Logistics is also known as SAP S4HANA Enterprise Management which includes all the modules not only the Finance but also the modules like SAP MM, SAP SD and now they are available as a part of SAP S4HANA as a product and enterprise management is the complete business street. SAP Simple Logistics uses the data processing ability of S4HANA to provide simpler, faster and more efficient approaches to logistics and supply chain problems.

Did you Know

1. SAP Simple Logistics Training has huge changes in the areas of Material management, production planning supply chain management, sales and distribution.
2. Simple Logistics not only provides comprehensive information on inventory management but also offers information such as data aggregation and intuitive reporting functions that were previously unavailable.
3. Simple Logistics combines the ATP functionality of SAP ERP and SAP APO to instantly process the information required by a sales team for end-to-end visibility of customers’ orders, transportation and delivery schedules.
4. Simple Logistics provides complete visibility of various procurement key performance indicators, such as purchase values that run over budget and delivery delays for materials.

Why learn and get certified in SAP S4HANA Simple LogisticS?

1. The training and the system implementation can abruptly increase the system’s output throughput by removing the data dismissals and reduced data Footprint.
2. A real advantage of SAP Simple Logistics is improved scope of Reporting and Analysis,(planning required to move people and supplies to where they’re needed) Training, it helps real time (information-giving numbers) at the bottommost level of granularity on most important transactional data without summing up all outputs.
3. Scalable Infrastructure is one of the main advantages, the training offers optimization of system landscape and it helps in reducing number of system that have the ability and competency to procure customer satisfaction with lower TCO.
4. One of the greatest benefits of completing SAP Simple Logistics training and implementing the system Business volume and sustenance stays over user productivity with good, role-based UIs, which helps business to grow and develop is enhanced user experience.


Pre-qualifications helps the Trainees in better understanding and grasp over the SAP Simple Logistics course components and get optimum leverage out of this professional training course.
At one go an ideal Trainee for pursuing Sap S4HANA Simple Logistics should have the background:
1. The Trainee must have basic understanding of logistics processes
2. The Trainee should have some knowledge of any SAP Logistics module
3. SAP simple logistics is integrated with FIORI and NWBC applications: some idea about these two courses will be an added advantage.

Course Objective

After completion of course trainee will attain:
1. Knowledge in SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA
2. Basic understanding of Material Management and Operations
3. Expertise in Enterprise Management concepts
4. Hands on experience by working on real time scenarios

Who should attend this Training?

This comprehensive course is meant for professionals who aspire to build career or up-grade knowledge. This course is best suited for the following professionals
1. SAP Solution Architects
2. SAP Business Analytics
3. SAP Functional Consultants
4. SAP Techno Functional
5. SAP Technical Consultants
6. SAP BW/BI Consultants
7. SAP END Users
8. Application Consultant
9. Support Consultant
10. Project Manager

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the SAP S4HANA (Simple) Logistics. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting trained in SAP S4HANA Simple Logistics enhances your knowledge to be an effective Professional. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.