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The novel Coronal Virus, Covid-19, has spread its tentacles across the globe, with many nations reeling under its grip. The effort to combat the virus has left many to the confines of their homes, with various governments enforcing a comprehensive lockdown.

Staying at home does put a stop on rapid transmission of virus, however it also puts a devastating impact on the global economy. With many financial institutions, from IMF to World Bank, revising the growth estimates for the next financial year to a bleak level, many are worried about the unemployment that the current situation may ensue.

What is the current employment situation due to Covid-19 pandemic?

The GDP growth figures of various economies, including the US, are projected to be significantly lower than the previous year. Some estimates even put the figure at negative, if not downright zero. The successive negative growth in GDP for two straight quarters is a text book sign of an economic recession.

Many employees staying at home are worried that their jobs might be in peril, in the coming future, as companies are contemplating to cut back additional workforce to combat mounting losses. The unemployment numbers are already skyrocketing across the globe, with even the US reporting highest ever numbers ever recorded since the Great Depression of 1930.

How can you increase your chances of employment when Covid-19 lockdown ends?

As initial fight against the virus is coming to an end, many economies are trying to open their businesses either in a phased manner or in entirety. In spite of not having been securing a clear victory against the virus, many are echoing the calls of economists to relax the existing curbs on economy.

As it is now being apparent that there will be a long term impact on the economy, many employees are feeling clueless about the exact nature of it and the skills needed to secure a job in the near future. So, it is now ever more important to utilize the “stay at home” time to hone your existing skillset and master new ones, as many as possible.

It is beneficial to learn multiple skills to expand your scope of employability. With these added capabilities, you will always be better placed, when you are forced to grasp limited opportunities in a restricted economy. Hence, online learning has become a vogue and many are thronging in droves to register themselves for an online course, or a webinar, Virtua Events, University sponsored tutorials, language tutorials, etc.

How can we help you utilize your time in learning new skills by staying at home?

We have also risen up to the challenge of this pandemic by adapting ourselves through designing new set of courses, as well as the associated course structures, to suit particularly to the current lockdown situation.

We now boast a huge assortment of courses that any user can pick the most appropriate option and learn effortlessly by staying at home.

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