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What is Workforce Management?

Nowadays, maintaining an efficient workforce is equally as important as hiring a valuable human resource, in order for an organization to sustain competitiveness and increase profitability of the business. Many enterprises are progressively adopting different technologies to optimize and monitor individual performances of employees. Such optimization procedures and employee time management services are collectively known as “Workforce Management”.

Modern ‘Workforce Management’ encapsulates different aspects of staff scheduling and time management such as labour forecasting, attendance, leave management, overtime compensation and work based analytics, etc.

Where does Kronos stand in the realm of ‘Workforce Management’?

Kronos Incorporated is a leading U.S. based multi-national enterprise providing cloud based “Workforce Management” solutions worldwide. It is currently employed by more than 40,000 organizations, including half of the Fortune 1000, for their time keeping requirements and payroll services.

“Workforce Central” product suite was delivered in the year 2001 as digital time keeping system. In 2017, Kronos has introduced “Workforce Dimensions”, a revolutionary workforce management solution built on Kronos D5™ API framework.

Who should learn Kronos?

Candidates interested in the timekeeping operations of the Human Resource Management, should learn about the different tools provided by Kronos. Kronos Workforce Management expertise includes hands on knowledge about the configuration, different UIs, user experience, configuring Kronos Workforce Timekeeper, implementing and configuring Kronos Accruals & Absence Management modules, configuring WDM Kronos clocks, etc.

As more and more clients are thronging towards absorbing multiple cloud based Workforce Management tools provided by Kronos, it’s imperative that the consultants should have associated expertise in handling the management engine.

Is online learning for Kronos a best way to gain expertise?

Yes. Our web based Kronos Trainingtutorials are curated to meet different challenges posed at different stages of learning and development, to help the candidates learn quickly and efficiently. Our ‘Online Kronos’ learning modules comprises of the products “Workforce Central”, “Workforce Dimensions” and “Workforce Ready”.

What are the ‘Kronos Training’ modules included in ‘Workforce Central’?

Our online Kronos learning for ‘Workforce Central’ will comprise of the following:

  • Workforce Timekeeper
  • Workforce Scheduler 
  • Workforce Absence Manager
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Workforce Activities
  • Workforce Mobile
  • Workforce Tablet
  • Workforce Budgeting
  • Workforce Forecasting Manager
  • Workforce Task Management
  • Data Collection

What is the ‘Kronos Training’ program included in ‘Workforce Dimensions Suite’?

Our online Kronos learning for ‘Workforce Dimensions Suite’ will comprise of the following:

  • Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping
  • Workforce Dimensions Scheduling
  • Workforce Dimensions Absence Management
  • Workforce Dimensions Analytics
  • Workforce Dimensions Data Collection

Explain the comprehensive ‘Kronos Training’ tutorials that aee available for different products of ‘Workforce Ready’?

Our ‘Workforce Ready’ online tutorial will help you gain knowledge for the following products:

  • Workforce Ready People Analytics
  • Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition
  • Workforce Ready HR
  • Workforce Ready Performance Management
  • Workforce Ready Compensation Management
  • Workforce Ready Time Keeping
  • Workforce Ready Accruals
  • Workforce Ready Attestation
  • Workforce Ready ACA Manager
  • Workforce Ready Leave Manager
  • Workforce Ready Scheduler
  • Workforce Ready Payroll
  • Workforce Ready Payroll Services
  • Workforce Ready Data Collection
  • Workforce Ready Mobile

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