Scrum can be defined as a technique employed to fine tune your product management and product development skills to maximize the value of the end product.

Scrum is a procedural framework consisting of various scrum teams who interact according to their associated roles and responsibilities. Scrum teams are bound and play by the rules of Scrum framework.


‘Scrum Theory’ postulates an adoption of iterative and incremental approach to efficaciously predict and control risk factors. Knowledge learnt through experience would serve as a basis for this iterative approach.

The three pillars of ‘Scrum Theory’, according to, are transparency, inspection and adaption.

Transparency in the definition of various tasks of the process so that observers have a clear and uniform understanding with respect to the conclusion of a specific task.

Inspection of different processes at regular intervals should be done, so as to flag any errors which may have an undesired effect on the outcome of a process.

Adaptation of certain aspects which has a deviation from the permissible limits is necessary for course correction of the process. This should be done as and when it is observed, to have a minimal effect on the fixed goal of a process.


The following are the Scrum Events that are applied to adaptation and inspection of the Scrum Process:

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective


Product Owner, Development Team and Scrum Master would constitute as three vital organs of ‘The Scrum Team’. These three organs of the Scrum Team are individually self-sustaining, in that no outside interference is necessary to accomplish any task.

The Product Owner is responsible for overall qualitative and quantitative aspects of the work performed by the Development Team. The Product Owner ensures that the Development Team understands final goal of the product and the underlying value that it represents.

The Development Team makes sure that the goal prescribed by the Product Owner is being realized through incremental steps. The Development Team is accountable to the final nature of the intended product. Individual members of the team consists of field experts, however responsibility of the product lies with the team as a whole.

Scrum Master acts as the captain of ship by controlling and supporting everyone involved in the Scrum Team. Scrum Master diligently works with both the Product Owner and the Development Team so that the goals, ideas and expectations of the product are uniformly understood among everyone.


  1. Scrum Master ensures that the goals, ideas and methods for realizing the desired product remains uniform across the Development Team and Product Owner.
  2. Whenever a deflection is observed, Scrum Master acts steadfastly to rectify it to the desired outcome, which will prevent further wastage of company’s resources.
  3. Scrum Master performs knowledge transfer to the team members as and when required and also removes any impediments to the progress of the work.
  4. Scrum Events will be facilitated by the Scrum Master whenever needed or if any team member specifically requests for it. This will have a constructive and incremental effect on the product.
  5. Scrum Master maximizes efficiency by utilizing optimum resources required for the job.
  6. Scrum Master facilitates the Development Team by serving as an intermediary, in other organizational areas where the goals and ideas of the product are not properly understood. This will avoid the chances of indecision and uncertainty among members of the Development Team.


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