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Humanity is now facing a new challenge in the form of the current ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. In a short time, to the shock of many healthcare professionals, the novel Coronavirus has managed to get a foot print on every continent except Antarctica.

Various polities across the world promptly responded with colossal counter measures to rein in the spread of the virus. One such counter measure was asking businesses to close indefinitely, whilst simultaneously placing a request upon citizens to stay at home at all costs.

The fight against Covid-19 has resulted in massive unemployment, severe disruptions in supply chains, and a looming global recession which is largest in the history.

According to some estimates, in the next three months, chances are that more than a fifth of the workforce would be kept on unpaid leave, while a third would be shown the exit door. Hence, it is necessary for workers to learn new skills, whilst honing existing ones, preparing oneself for the future prospects.

Along with learning new skills, it is also equally important to focus on relevant certifications so that the employer would be assured of the expertise that one brings to the table. It is also not surprising that your chances of successful recruitment would be high, if you are equipped with right certifications which are demanded by the industry.

In this article, we discuss two of those certifications which are much sought after and favored by the industry leaders. They are, Professional Scrum Master Certification and PMP Certification.

Professional Scrum Master Certification

Professional Scrum Master Certifications are provided by and there are three types of certifications that you could choose from, depending on your level of expertise.

Professional Scrum Master Online Training

Our online training covers exhaustive concepts pertaining to Scrum, Scrum Theory, and Scrum Events such as, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective.

We also provide detailed instructional coaching on the three pillars of ‘Scrum Theory’, which are transparency, inspection and adaption.

Our industry oriented approach will make you an expert in product management and product development skills, so that you could identify ways to maximize efficiency and value of the end product.

PMP Certification

PMP, acronym for Project Management Professional, is a certification exam conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI).

PMP Certification is much needed for project managers, especially in the current scenario of huge unemployment due to Covid-19, as it helps distinguish themselves from the rest. Being industry wide respected certification, it also helps one to achieve higher emoluments among peers, with an added surety of recruitment.

PMP Certification Online Training

We have streamlined our online course structure, so that everyone can take advantage of the current lockdown situation due to Covid-19 and gain enough mastery to pass the certification exam within short amount of time.

Our course comprises of focused lessons on different domains of the certification, which includes, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

So, why wait? Enroll now!

We have a dedicated team who will help you identify the appropriate course to advance your career. With our cost effective tutorial plans, you will have the freedom and advantage to learn your desired course, at your convenience and comfort of your home.

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