Oracle Application Express, simply known as Oracle APEX, provides a set of tools for developers to easily build apps that run on web browsers through Oracle Database.

Oracle APEX provides Database-centric web application development framework, which enables developers to synthesize apps which help portray the intended data.


Oracle APEX typically employs metadata-driven architecture that gives users high performance, agility and flexibility to produce world class apps.

Web browser sends web requests to Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), which then is sent to Oracle Database. Processing of the web request is then done by Oracle APEX.

Upon successful completion of the web request, Oracle APEX sends the data back to the web browser through the intermediary Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS).


The combined technology of REST Data Services (ORDS), APEX (Oracle APEX) and Database (Oracle Database) is known as Oracle RAD Stack.

This stack will give developers an all-encompassing and comprehensive capabilities to project data through easy, efficient and feature rich apps. There are no further additional components that are required and both Oracle APEX and ORDS are included in the Oracle Database with no cost.


LOW CODE With minimum experience in web technology based programming, one can easily utilize the enormous array of themes and templates included in the Oracle APEX to readily develop apps. With intuitive models, graphical UI, exhaustive page designs, development teams can realize immediate results with Oracle APEX.

DATABASE ORIENTED With bare minimum SQL skills, one can easily create Web Apps from Spreadsheets. Complete information regarding the Web Apps will be stored in the Oracle Database as meta-data. You could then utilize your SQL experience in creating web applications using APEX.

DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT Business oriented and productivity focused tactical features supported by Oracle APEX can be used to rapidly build scalable systems and then accordingly deploy them with no gargantuan effort. These web app systems can also be easily manipulated with changing needs.

ORACLE AT THE CORE The powerful feature of Oracle APEX is that it comes free with Oracle Database. This no-cost feature means that the APEX could be run wherever the Oracle Database is employed. Developers can fully exploit the Database to their benefit, through APEX, in creating world class apps.

ORACLE APEX COMMUNITY As the web apps built by APEX are highly secure and mobile, there is a growing acceptance among developers worldwide. Conservative estimates put the figure at over 500,000 developers fully utilizing Oracle APEX. The community blogging website also has over 100 active bloggers providing APEX related solutions.

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