What is ‘Workday’?

Workday Inc. is a leading vendor of cloud based ‘Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)’ applications which helps organizations “plan, execute and analyze” various back end functions in an integrated fashion.

Workday provides a seamless interface which combines multiple core enterprise functions such as business commitments, business resources, payroll etc. Workday’s aggregation of isolated data points will help businesses achieve greater planning insight, towards their pursuit of sustainable economic growth.

Workday’s product amalgamates key business profiles such as finance, HR and payroll through cloud based approach. This will help generate a bird’s eye view of different operational sections of the company to undertake key business decisions.

What are the key services provided by ‘Workday’ and how they are relevant to current businesses?

The key cloud services provided are Business Planning, Financial Management and Human Capital Management. Many organizations are replacing their current differentiated services based system to an integrated ERP based one, to stand relevant in current volatile business climate and maintain a competitive edge.

This increasing adoption of ERP based systems led to an increase in demand for developers and specialists in the field. ‘Workday’ being a leading vendor in cloud based ERP applications, there is an ever growing demand for specialists who has experience in Workday environment and integration.

Can I learn ‘Workday’ online?

Absolutely. We have a focused Workday Online Training Programwhich helps you sift through the Workday environment, so that the learning could be swift, practical and thorough.

Our Workday Training Programwill make you understand different methodologies in implementation of Workday and use the same methodologies for implementation of associated projects.

What are the different modules available with ‘Workday Training’?

We provide exhaustive training modules involving the following Workday products:

  • Workday Business Planning
  • Workday Financial Management
  • Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Workday Payroll
  • Workday Cloud Platform
  • Workday Analytics
  • Workday Data-as-a-service (DaaS)
  • Workday Cloud ERP Suite
  • Workday Professional Services Automation
  • Workday Student

So, why wait? Enroll now.

We have a dedicated team who will help you identify the appropriate course to advance your career. With our cost effective tutorial plans, you will have the freedom and advantage to learn your desired course, at your convenience and comfort of your home.

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