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Integration Core, Integration Architecture Overview, Integration System Tools, Integration Cloud Connect, Integration System Building Blocks, Core Connectors, Overview Core Connectors, Core Connector: Worker, Core Connector: Inbound Organization, Integration System Security, Document Transformation, XTT (XML to Text), ETV (Element Transformation and Validation), Business Process Framework.


Integration Core, Integration Architecture Overview, Integration System Tools, Integration Cloud Connect, Integration System Building Blocks, Core Connectors, Overview Core Connectors, Core Connector: Worker, Core Connector: Inbound Organization, Integration System Security, Document Transformation, XTT (XML to Text), ETV (Element Transformation and Validation), Business Process Framework.

Workday Web Services

1. Overview of Workday Integration Architecture
2. Workday Public Web Services
3. Understanding WSDL
4. Reporting as a Service (RaaS) Custom APIs
5. Workday Studio Web Service Tester

Enterprise interface builder (E I B)

1. EIB Overview
2. The Generated EIB Spreadsheet Model
3. Reference IDs and Data Structures
4. Inbound EIB integrations
5. Outbound EIB integrations
6. Workday Reports-as-a-Service (RaaS)
7. EIB spreadsheet templates
8. Custom XSLT with Workday EIB
9. Workday Web Services with EIB
10. Trigger an outbound EIB integration

Workday Integration Payroll

Introduction to Discovery Document, Overview of Payroll Setup and Processing, Payroll Processing Framework, Roles and Security, Calculation Engine, Net Pay Validation and Arrears, Payroll Input and Processing, Payroll Accounting, Federal, State, and Local Tax Reporting, Withholding Orders, Banking and Settlement, Business Processes,Self Service,Reporting in Workday

Workday Calculated Fields

Calculated Field Concepts, System wide vs. Report Specific Calculated Fields, Global Calculated Fields (e.g. Constants), Calculated Field Dependencies, Available Functions, such as:, Date Calculation and Formatting Functions, String and Text Functions, True/False Conditions, Evaluate Expression, Convert Currency, Lookup Functions to leverage hierarchies, Functions that access Related Business Objects, Lookup Value as of Date, Arithmetic Calculations, Key Reports & Resources, Performance Considerations

Workday studio

1. Introducing Workday Studio
2. Workday Studio Install
3. Workday Studio Navigation Tips
4. Studio Runtime Architecture
5. Features and Navigation of Workday Studio
6. Workday Studio Assemblies (integration systems) Components

7. Basic Flow of Control between Assembly Components

8. Basics of Web Services, XSLT, and MVEL in Workday Studio.

9. Building Integrations: Using the Assembly Editor

10. Report Designer: Introduction

11. Report Designer: Demonstration

Report Writer

Report Writer terminology, concepts, navigation, and tasks, Understanding Report Data Sources, Primary and Related Business objects and Class Report Fields, Running and Copying Delivered Reports, Creating and editing Simple and Advanced Report types, Introduction to Matrix report types, Contextual reporting, Sorting and Filtering results, Grouping and Totaling results, Sharing Reports and Report Security basics, Report Tags, Scheduling Reports, Managing and tracking Custom Reports, Key Reporting Resources

Introduction of Workday

  1. What are the Business Objects?
  2. Basic Workday Navigation Landing Pages
  3. Related Action Menus in Workday
  4. Search, Slide-out tabs in Workday
  5. Hyperlinks and Additional Navigation Topics in Workday
  6. What are Actionable Reports, Single and Multi-select prompt fields in Workday
  7. Setting up Standard Screen Icons and Task Page Icons in workday
  8. Work-feed Workday Configuration options and Find Worker

Organizations in Workday

  1. Workday Organization types
  2. Supervisory Workday Organizations
  3. Workday Reorganization
  4. Setup of supervisory org structure in Workday
  5. Managing Workday supervisory organization
  6. Creating a subordinate org in Workday
  7. Dividing a supervisory org in workday
  8. Additional Workday org types
  9. Workday Organization Hierarchies
  10. Workday Organization Assignments on supervisory org
  11. Workday Organizational Reports

Workday staffing models

  1. Types of Staffing Models available in Workday
  2. Configuring individual staffing model in Workday
  3. Workday Hiring Restrictions
  4. Workday Position Management, Headcount Management and Job Management
  5. Differentiating between Workday staffing models
  6. Maintaining Staffing Models in workday

Jobs and positions in Workday Suite

  1. Job Profiles
  2. Differentiating Workday Job profiles
  3. What are Workday Job families and Job family groups in workday
  4. Workday Job profiles and Localization
  5. Management Level Workday Hierarchy
  6. Creating Job profile
  7. Creating Position and Headcount Groups in Workday
  8. Managing Filled and Unfilled Position and Headcount Groups Workday
  9. Creating Positions in workday
  10. Edit Position Restrictions
  11. Close Position vs Managing a Hiring Freeze

Compensation in Workday Suite

  1. Workday Compensation Components
  2. Creating Compensation and Compensation Rules in Workday
  3. Workday Compensation Reports
  4. Workday Compensation Packages
  5. Compensation Grades in workday
  6. Bonus plans, Amount based and Percent based in Workday
  7. Salary and Hourly plans in Workday
  8. Workday Compensation Segment Security and Initiating Compensation Event

Workday security groups

  1. Security Group Types in Workday
  2. Configuring Role based security
  3. Configuring Job based security and Configuring User-based security in Workday
  4. Components of Configurable security in Workday
  5. Workday Functional Areas
  6. Securable Items and Security Policies in Workday
  7. Workday Domain security policies
  8. Workday business process security policies and Security Reports

Workday budiness process

  1. Business Process Framework in Workday
  2. Business Process Step types in Workday
  3. Business Process Configuration Options
  4. Default and Customize in Workday
  5. Workday Business Process Functionality
  6. Completion Steps
  7. Due Date and Alerts, Delays and Routing Restrictions in Workday
  8. Workday Business subprocesses
  9. Deploying Business Processes in Workday
  10. Workday Business Process Reports

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